Kundalini Yoga with Margaret Trezza

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a 5,000 year old science which is referred to as the “yoga of awareness”. This practice awakens the energy, or kundalini, at the base of the spine, sends it up through the chakras, allowing the energy of the glandular system to combine with the nervous system, promoting emotional balance and enhanced intuition.

There are three basic components to Kundalini Yoga which work together to help clear the subconscious mind of old thoughts and patterns of thinking:

*Pranayam (breathing techniques)

*Kriyas (physical postures and exercise sequences)

*Sound and meditation techniques (mantra, mudra and music)

“The greatest mantra of this age is “keep up”. Yogi Bhajan

In a nutshell, the Kundalini Yoga class experience has been described to feel like “meditation in motion”, “serious fun”, “cleansing”, “… a spiritual connection with the Self”, “just what I needed”. Kundalini Yoga is all of that and more, depending on what it is you need. The fun part is “mastering your mind to keep up” as the body is challenged with movement and breath, and when we find we are “keeping up” all doubts as to whether you could master the challenge, begin to drop away! The body, mind, and spirit worked together as one to master this challenge! At the end of class we are aware of an overall sensation of elation and joyful well-being.

Ongoing practice will help you cut through the blocks and barriers in life, disabilities or imagined disabilities, strengthen your projection, and give you the courage and radiance to meet all of life’s many challenges with grace and ease. The mind becomes intuitively awakened to your creative potential. When our creative potential is realized, we are happy, and we radiate our happiness, becoming the lighthouse to guide all others. As Yogi Bhajan quoted over and over again, “Happiness is our Birthright”.

A practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) for over two decades, Margaret received her Kundalini Yoga and Meditation training in 2000 at the Baba Siri Chand Yoga Center in Millis, MA, is KRI certified and a member of IKYTA. She has taught at “All that Matters” in Wakefield, RI, several venues throughout RI and MA, and now in Southwest Florida. Margaret holds a Childplay Yoga teaching certification, has designed programs for special needs children, and taught chair yoga for the physically challenged. Margaret is Reiki certified and holds a Yoga Nidra Guide certification. Margaret receives great joy in chanting and singing Kundalini mantras as a part of her daily practice, and includes her passion for mantra music quite extensively during her class, resulting in a heightened state of awareness and deep meditation while exercising. Margaret has a compassionate understanding of the heart. She radiates warmth, enthusiasm and an engaging energy.

I am always inspired and guided by Yogi Bhajan’s profound quote “Happiness is your Birthright”. I am honored to teach this sacred science!


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