Reimbursement for Yoga Classes

Schedule Changes
We are no longer holding Rock Your Asana on Friday nights. It will  continue to be held on Thursday and Sunday evenings, so join you can continue to get your Yoga Groove on then!
Joyce Sharp is teaching the 6PM Wednesday Yoga Basics class.
Stacy Laufer is teaching the 6:30PM Thursday Restorative Yoga class.
Joy Volkan’s Joyful Satsang is held on the 1st Saturday of each month.
Marti Dowman’s Gentle Yoga class (applies to Saturday classes) only will be held on March 1, 15 and 29 due to Teacher Training conflicts on the other weeks.

Please consult our online schedule at or at for our most current class schedule!

Reimbursement for your Yoga classes and Meditation Instruction? According to CNN, Medicare is now reimbursing for Yoga and meditation for heart disease patients! This is such exciting news! The world is evolving nicely as we see the Health Insurance industry embrace and acknowledge Yoga as a viable, quantifiable healing modality to keep the body in a better state of health.

As a former insurance broker, I am grateful to Drs. Chopra, Ornish, Weil, Frawley and Ladd for their diligence in this matter. Insurance companies know that a regular practice of Yoga and meditation reduces hospital admissions by a whopping 73%!

Check with your insurance company to see if they may offer reimbursement. If not, maybe a letter or call could encourage them to participate.



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