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Changes: This month, the Monday Power Lunch will be taught by Lynda Artesani and the Wednesday Power Lunch will be taught by Carly Dennis. Amy Hutto is leading the Monday evening Yoga Basics class and Lyda Artesani will be leading the Wednesday night PM Power Hour. Please check the online schedule for up-to-date changes.


The Four Yogas  

Traditionally, there are four primary forms of yoga: Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga.

Jnana (Gyan) – the yoga of understanding or knowledge. The yoga of understanding is also the yoga of science as science is, after all, the knowledge of nature’s laws.

Bhakti – the yoga of love and devotion. Bhakti is love of God or source, but also the expression of love in all your relationships. The divine light animates all that is alive, or for that matter, even that which we consider inanimate. Through relationships with others, we discover our higher self. As we embark on this journey, we may go through stages of attraction, infatuation, communion, intimacy, surrender, passion and ecstasy until ultimately we once again arrive at the source of love and life. The yoga of love is a wonderful path, but we must not confuse love with self-absorption, self-importance, or self-pity. If you pay attention to love, think about love, express love, respond to gestures of love, and make love the basis for all your choices, then you are practicing Bhakti yoga, the yoga of love.

Karma – the yoga of action. The ultimate expression of Karma yoga is the recognition that all action belongs to God or Source. True practice of Karma yoga leads to spontaneous detachment from outcome and one-pointed focused mindfulness as you perform your actions. Action from this level of consciousness is not binding; rather, it liberates you and enables you spontaneously to recognize that you are spiritual being having a human experience and not the opposite. Karma yogis have no anxiety because they have no worry, understanding that Source, through us, is performing the action and takes care of the results.

Raja – frequently referred to as the royal path to yoga because it is rich and abundant in knowledge and experience. Raja yoga, which is our path here at Joyful Yoga is the path of union through practices that take your awareness inward, Yoga Asana, Meditation and Ayurveda.

As best described by my guru, Dr. Deepak Chopra: “The essence of Raja yoga is an integration of body, mind, and soul through procedures that enhance mind-body coordination. These techniques awaken poise, grace, strength, and the development of centered awareness even in the midst of chaos and turmoil. They improve your physical health and your mental clarity while heightening your senses of perception. As a consequence of these practices, you are able to experience increased vitality along with better mental and physical capacity. Raja yogis have greater enjoyment of life, while enthusiasm and inspiration become an everyday experience. Raja yoga helps you practice the other yogas with greater ease, effortlessness, and joy. When you feel physically vital, emotionally stable, and psychologically centered, your ability and desire to love and express authentic compassion expand. You become more capable of surrendering to the will of God and being a never-ending journey of knowledge.”

This royal path is the same path we are all on. You can travel on this path as high up the mountain as you choose. Keep your eye and awareness on each step along the way and enjoy the journey.


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