Creating the Yoga Habit/Special

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins. With our typical increase in attendance in January, we need a little additional time to assure you get into your desired class. Thanks.

New Classes added in January! We are now offering Yin/Restorative classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30-9:45. This class invites us to slow down our yoga practice combining the elements of Yin and Restorative Yoga with breath awareness. Longer held Yin poses release into the deeper tissues where energy is most stagnant. Restorative poses use the support of props to encourage surrender and openness in the body. Quiet the mind, soothe the nervous system and increase mind/body awareness. Perfect for times when you feel depleted or just want a softer start to your day. All levels and abilities are welcome.

First Saturday Satsang Join Joy on January 4th for our first satsang of 2014! Listen to, talk with and relate to others living the Yogic lifestyle.

Creating the Yoga Habit

Consistent practice, or sadhana, has been a part of yoga tradition for thousands of years.  It’s a commitment you make to yourself to practice something over a period of time.

Research shows that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. That’s 21 days of going to yoga every day or exercising in some way every day, 21 days to meditation, 21 days to eat healthily, 21 days doing anything.

When you want to start a habit, don’t tell yourself you are doing it for life, tell yourself (your conscious brain) that you are going to try it for 21 days. For example if you want to start the habit of meditating tell your conscious self that you are trying it for 21 days. Now, when you have completed this for 21 days your conscious mind has the choice of stopping it or carrying on, or so it thinks. Your neural pathways have formed already and you will more than likely continue with your new habit, you will have seen the benefits along the way and your subconscious will want to continue if it has been beneficial.

Your asana practice is the gateway to the yoga lifestyle.  In addition to practicing the 21 days of yoga asanas during the entire month here are some other suggestions:

  • Take 10 minutes to write a journal entry this is called svadhyaya or self study  (svahd-ya-ya)
  • Take 10-30 minutes of meditation or centering prayer which is called dhyana  (DEE-yah-nah)
  • You could stop complaining.  One of the niyamas is contentment or santosa (sahn-toe-sha)
  • Instead of eating candy you could eat fruit.  Another niyama is cleanliness or sauca (sow-cha)
  • You could give something to Goodwill or a thrift store.  One of the yamas is nonhoarding or aparigraha. (AHH-par-EE-grah-ha)

Take your yoga off the mat and create the life and well-being you desire.

Private Yoga Instruction/Special

Have a yoga goal that you need a bit of help to achieve? Looking for some personalized instruction that isn’t available in classes? Just want to pamper yourself or a loved one with high quality one-on-one time with an experienced yoga instructor who can help you to manage physical challenges or develop highly customized sequences? Many of our teachers are available for private Yoga instruction! Schedule a time at the Joyful Yoga desk.

Buy 10 Private Sessions (save $100) and get a 10 class package free (regularly $140….total savings $240). Or buy 5 private sessions (save $25) and receive a 5 class package free ($80 value….total savings $105). Offer ends January 31, 2014.


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