Ayurveda at Home

As we enter this fresh new year, so many of us with the intention and hope to approach the weight we were on our very first driver’s license  😉  , we offer these basic Ayurvedic principles; subtle easy changes, to begin to set up your physiology to be its perfect weight:

#1 Eat your main meal at noon. The middle of the Pitta phase where the sun is the closest to you, and the fire of digestion is highest. Focus on quality, clean, freshly cooked food, not quantity. Eat all 6 tastes and all 7 colors and you won’t need to concern yourself with the specific nutrients!

#2 Eat only when hungry (This includes breakfast. No hunger=body not ready to process food properly. Dinner much lighter than lunch. Allow the body to prepare for autolysis (digesting excess fat and diseased cells) while sleeping. This only happens if the stomach is empty.

#3 Bed by 10pm, no computer or stimulating TV after 8pm. Up by 6am (before Kapha, heavy phase of morning begins) for most energy and calorie consumption.

#5 Discontinue drinking huge amounts of ice water during meals. It dilutes your digestive juices and creates all types of improper digestion! Sip room temperature or hot water with lemon if necessary, weaning yourself off of this bad habit.

#4 Massage. Garshan, Abyangha, and in Spa. Not only stimulates circulation and production of V.I.P., but helps to cleanse lymph and keep skin toned as you reduce. (only a tiny portion of the benefits of massage!)

#5 Raw Local Honey. Reduces Kapha, stops cravings for sweets and reduces toxic ama in the entire body. Side benefit: reduces seasonal allergies that produce congestion and other upper respiratory challenges and has antibacterial and anti viral benefits.

Begin with one or two of these techniques to start, adding more as you adapt to these new positive habits. Keep it effortless!

If you would like to learn more about the oldest health model, Ayurveda, and how to keep your body as lean and healthy as possible, we will be presenting the workshop Ayurveda 101 on Feb 4th.

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