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From Maharishi Ayurveda:

Ayurvedic teas to balance you doshas. Warming for vatas, cooling for pittas and stimulating and decongesting for Kapha.  


Ayurvedic Churnas: Indian spice mixtures to add to any dish to create balance. Vata blend aids digestion, pitta blend cools and soothes digestive tract, kapha blend helps stimulate eliminate mucous.

30% Off Dosha Dolls for your favorite little girl from the ancient science of Ayurveda, helping them develop a positive self-esteem. Ages 2-10

Understanding our mind/body type; our “dosha,” (which aligns us with the elements in nature that determine ones size, shape and attributes) early on makes girls much more accepting of their bodies. The dolls come in a set of three & measure 13,14 and 15 inches tall. They are hand washable, wired and have Velcro on the hands and feet so they can practice yoga!

Jacqueline is a Vata. She is petite, slim and lithe, with delicate features and fine straight hair. Vata Dosha aligns with space and air.  

Chelsea is a Pitta. She is average in size and is strong and shapely. She has beautiful bright features, pink lustrous skin, green eyes and auburn curly hair. Her element in nature is fire.  

Emily is a Kapha. She is tall and shapely, with full beautiful features and hair. Kapha’s elements in nature are earth and water. She has beautiful fair skin, blond heavy hair and blue eyes.

The dolls come with a yoga mat, booklet and a wealth of information!  Get the three doll set for only $49.95 (Normally $79) Any required S&H not included. 


More Gift Ideas for health, harmony, and balance

1. Gift cards for classes, spa treatments, meditation instruction,  clothing and jewelry. Workshop with Lisa Matkin over New Years (see our Workshop Schedule!) and more.  

2. Neti Pot with Himalayan Sea Salt and Chayavanaparash Jam for proactive protection from viruses.

3. Cute yoga outfit (when you look good you feel good!!) Lots of styles from which to choose.  

4. Mala beads for helping you with your meditation practice. Semi-precious stones from India

5. Yoga and Chakra Jewelry of all price points from costume, semi-precious stones and fine designer gold and silver from Bellastae by Paula Thrasher Iacampo



6. Silk and Cotton Scarves from India. Warm and beautiful, perfect for Florida’s winter!

7. Eyelash & eyebrow tinting, exfoliating healing scrubs, body wraps, Steam Therapy and a myriad of custom aesthetic treatments are available to balance your Doshas and facilitate your own renewal as you prepare for Holiday get-togethers and start the new year using only the finest of skin care, the exclusive and organic Eminence.

and so much more! Check out our Gift Giving Guide in the Joyful Yoga Studio!

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