Kirtan with Missy Balsam
Friday, December 13th: 7 – 8:30pm
Kirtan is call and response singing and chanting blended wmissy balsam kirtan 3/15ith beautiful music that will calm your mind, open your heart and remind you of your connection to yourself and to everything. It is a form of Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion) and has tremendous power. Kirtan quiets the “monkey mind” so we can reconnect to the joy and bliss of our authentic Self. In its heartfelt expression, Kirtan can induce profound states of meditation and ecstasy. Like Hatha yoga practice, it just makes you feel better, uplifted, and that feeling can last for days or longer.

Please join us as we raise our vibrations together to cultivate loving community and enthusiasm for life! No experience necessary, just an open mind and a willing heart.
$15 suggested donation.

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath: Good, Good, Good Vibrations! with Susan Lovett
Friday, December 27th: 6:30 – 8pm

Sound Therapy is an ancient, healing modality. Crystal Singing Bowls are – Pure Quartz, Pure Tone, Pure Vibration. Modeled after Tibetan  bowls, “alchemy” crystal bowls are infused with precious metals and stones. Meditate with selenite crystal wands formed from ancient sea water.  This high frequency crystal encourages deep clearing and connection at all levels. Sink deeply into the healing chamber of your own inner music! Allow your cells to naturally attune to the meditative, balancing, and healing powers of sound vibration.


A perfect end to any day! Bring yoga mat, pillow, favorite blanket and a friend. Chairs provided for seated option. No Yoga or meditation experience necessary!

Event Fee $20, advance registration suggested as space is limited.


Holding the Highest Vision & Finding Your Dharma or Your True Purpose with Lisa Bennett Matkin

Saturday, December 28th: 2 – 5 pm

Through this active flowing practice we will integrate opening up the channels to your highest self, your guidance and having the courage to hear it accept it and ultimate live according to it. Hold on to your hat! Vision your next year, finding and connecting to your dharma and tapping into your ability to connect to your creative guidance. 
(Sign up for both workshops with Lisa for a discounted rate of $85 Must register in studio or via phone to receive discount.)


Sunday, December 29th: 10 – 12:30 pm 

Establishing your Sadhana putting the vision into action. Stretch just beyond your comfort zone to live on a daily basis your new self.
Master class and Meditation to kick the year off right. Manifesting your vision and bringing your dream in to fruition! How people stay
in line with what they want to call in and stay committed to their highest vision. Really making it happen. Remembering why you choose your highest vision instead of what is comfortable and safe overcoming addictions and habits that are not serving you any longer.

(Sign up for both workshops with Lisa for a discounted rate of $85 Must register in studio or via phone to receive discount.)


LISA BENNETT MATKIN has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. She is known to thousands of Yoga students through their appearance on theYoga Zone line of videos and international TV shows. Previously the co-director of Teacher Training at Yoga Zone and Satsang Yoga, as well as former owner of Stepping Stones Yoga Studio. She was trained through personal mentorship from Alan Finger, and her teachers include Angela Farmer, Glen Black, and Kevin Gardiner. Lisa’s Yoga Zone: Power Yoga video was rated number one by Natural Health Magazine, and her classes have been rated as the “best high energy in the country” by Allure Magazine.

She co-directed the Teacher Training at the Mind Body Therapy Department at Health, a complementary Health Care Center in NYC founded by Dr. William Fair of Memorial Slone Kettering. She has been on the faculty of Kripalu, Omega, and The Open Center. Lisa is the star of Anchor Bay’s Healing Yoga line of videos, which are currently available, and she has participated in writing, developing, 

and producing over 23 retail videos and DVD releases. She is a contributing editor at Fit Yoga Magazine, and has also contributed to 
numerous other publications. Currently she is on the faculty of The Tracking Project, a not for profit organization dedicated to honoring and preserving the wisdom and healing ways of indigenous cultures. Lisa’s therapeutic teaching style finds inspiration from her own life challenges and experiences, which she shares generously from her heart and spirit to guide others to reconnect with their own uniqueness.



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