October’s Autumnal Abundance: Feeling Our Way into Fall

Greetings, fellow yogis and yoginis, and welcome back snowbirds!

Don’t forget, we have moved 2 blocks west on Pelican Landing Parkway. Turn left into the parking lot immediately before the gate house for Pelican Landing. We occupy the 3-story building in the back behind Zounds.

Welcome the subtle beginnings of Vata season. Yes, the seasons are changing, and yes, it is not as noticeable as climates north, however it is still a time to take care to align your energy, your vibration with the vibrations of the universe. Sounds pretty esoteric, and even funny if you add your best “valley girl” inflection, but it is pure science. We, as energetic beings, are vibrating at a certain frequency, and according to quantum physics, all health is dependent upon keeping our vibration in tune with that of the relationship of our planet, the sun, the moon, the entire universe. We do this through our senses. What we hear, see, smell, touch and taste all affect our neuro-physiological self; our body-mind. Through the practice of Yoga, meditation, and all the other practices that are part of this amazing science of Ayurveda, we begin to gently align with this energy, improving our health and well-being, returning to homeostasis (balance), which is our natural state. All alternative therapies known today have their roots in Ayurveda, the oldest health model.

Throughout this season we will continue to introduce you to many of the techniques we have learned through the years to help you take control of your health and well-being, to create the joy, harmony and bliss that you so richly deserve.  

As our practice of Yoga evolves, it begins to act as a mirror to the rest of our lives. The balance, flexibility, strength, endurance and acceptance, all is changing day to day. We begin to learn to feel our way into a pose, aware of every sensation, never pushing or forcing our way to an end result. We begin to turn inward more easily in other areas of life too. Feeling our way not only in the asanas, but also our relationships, the decisions we make and all areas of our lives, releasing the need to force anything. Force is the opposite of feeling. It comes from ones own ego, while feeling comes from the Higher Self. “In Yoga the victory is not the victory but the ability to feel more than we felt before” to quote Aadil Palkhiwa, internationally-known master yogi.

Always remember that Yoga is not a competition, even with one’s self. Learn to create small movements with ease. Remember that feeling develops sensitivity and acceptance. Use your breath to be your guide, and remember that the body is the dynamic, evolving, temporary phenomenon that is your subconscious mind manifest as matter, and the reason for yoga is to learn to embrace that which is permanent; the Real You, the Silent Witness, the Commander in the command center, the sub-manifest order of being. Gaze inward toward your heart with joy and gratitude, and have a glorious autumn.

A warm Namaste,


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One Response to October’s Autumnal Abundance: Feeling Our Way into Fall

  1. Linda Kamena says:

    Your blog is so wonderful to receive here in Michigan. I love the connection! Can’t wait to get back to Joyful Yoga! Linda K.

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