Ayurveda at Home

Quick tip: Confused or worrying about how you will get all 92 nutrients necessary for optimum health in your food? Simply eat all 6 tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent & astringent) and all 7 colors every day, as fresh and as locally grown as possible! These tastes and colors are indicators that all the phyto-chemicals are there and insure that you will!

 The science of Ayurveda recommends periodic intentional cleansing of the physical body for the best health and well-being possible. The cleanse can range from eating a bland diet of Kitcheri for a few days, to a liquid diet one day per week, to any of the possible cleansing herbal preparations available in stores today. This practice will help to increase the digestive “fire” or agni to burn off the sticky substance known as “ama” which is a by-product of improper digestion. (There is a specific cleansing protocol for all three doshas. If you would like more specifics, schedule an appointment with Jacqueline or Julie for an Ayurvedic consultation.) 

The following list is recommended for all the Doshas and can get the body back into balance gently to allow for the body’s own cleansing ability to improve.

 Seasonal Cleanse

Three areas to consider as the seasons change to cleanse and renew the body.

  1. Colon cleanses. Consider the amount of refined, over-processed, tamasic (lacking in life force) food you have consumed over the year (or lifetime) and give your body a gift of a gentle cleanse that will insure a much- improved digestive tract and possibly a nice flat belly! (Even Dr. Oz addressed this issue of the shocking amount of fecal matter that we carry around in our colon!) We suggest Colonix for a 30-day cleanse ( If you would like more detailed info,and to order check out the website drnatura.com. If you prefer a week long Ayurvedic Cleanse we suggest Zrii, available through the Chopra Center. (BTW, no need to alter your lifestyle and be tied to the bathroom in either of these!). If you are new to Yoga and have never explored this method of health improvement, we strongly suggest it!
  2. Sinus Cleansing. The use of a Neti Pot in Ayurveda is as ancient and as common as brushing your teeth is in many parts of the world. Using warm saline water and this little pot could change your health for the better dramatically, immediately, especially if you are prone to sinus challenges such as sinusitis, allergies, and sinus headaches (common among those of you who are Kapha* body types). We provide everything you need to keep your sinuses in perfect health. We offer the finest porcelain pots from the Himalayan Institute, specially formulated sea salt, also Neti Wash, Sinus Spray and Nasya Oil to improve the “filtration” of your Respiratory system. Google Dr. Oz & Neti to see and hear more!
  3. Tongue Cleansing. Morning and night. Once you use this simple horseshoe shaped tongue scraper you can never turn back. This is not the same kind of cleaner that you see in the drugstores or on the back of a toothbrush. This ancient design is much preferred and far superior in removing the ama (that white pasty stuff that is indicative of improper digestion) from the tongue. (Perfect gift for the person who takes their oral hygiene seriously.) Tongue scraping also helps with “systematic under eating” for weight loss as the increase in your ability to taste will allow for quicker satisfaction! (Remember…digestion begins in the mouth!)

 * Kapha is one of the three Doshas (mind-body constitutions) in Ayurveda. The other two are Vata and Pitta. You are born with this constitution and the more you know about its effect on your health and life, the easier it becomes to maintain excellent health and balance. If you would like to know what your dominant Dosha is, pick up a Dosha quiz at the studio or find it on out website and stay tuned for our Ayurveda 101 Workshop in February to learn more!

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