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Welcome Vata Season!

  Using color to balance the Doshas

According to Ayurveda, your body is always “digesting” your environment through the five senses. Each of the doshas is attuned to a particular sensory experience. Vata is especially sensitive to sound, Pitta to sight and Kapha to smell and taste, but all can benefit from color stimulation to restore balance.

You may get a clue as to your dominant dosha by the colors you have chosen with which to surround yourself. What natural landscape brings you the most pleasure-the sea and sky, meadows and mountains or the glow of the setting sun? Viewing colors that bring balance to your mind/body type is an effortless way to come into balance, reducing stress and creating well-being.

Vata, (air and space) tends to be dry and coarse when out of balance. Viewing natural bodies of water, especially the ocean, and the spectrum of colors that are warm, soft and soothing-all neutrals, yellow, gold, orange and pale warm shades of blue and green.

Pitta, (fire) creates excessive heat when out of balance. Viewing the cool dark green of the forest, or expanse of grass or meadow brings balance. Cool and calm colors including white, deep blues and greens are also helpful.

Kapha, (earth and water), leans toward inertia when out of balance and can be stimulated by warm, bright, dramatic color including viewing the sunrise and sunset, think of the vibrant colors seen there.

Notice that the colors found in nature are the same that calm, balance and create well-being, body mind and spirit.

The Chakras, or “the juncture where matter, energy and consciousness meet” according to Dr. Chopra, are another way to access to the healing power of sight. The colors that represent the Chakras, or energy centers, which control biological activity, correspond with different locations and systems in the body and can promote healing and balance in the bodymind through simple meditation techniques.

Practiced by envisioning the color of the corresponding Chakras during meditation, and by surrounding oneself with these specific colors in art, clothing, and nature (including gemstones in jewelry) one can affect this unseen power. You can add the corresponding sounds of the Chakras for an added benefit. This is a very traditional way to balance the Chakras. (For more information, read Wheels of Light).

Jacqueline’s Chakra DVD Series is still in production and we hope to have it available soon. Patience is a virtue.

To learn more about the oldest of health models, please attend Ayurveda 101 on September 29th from 1 – 6 PM. (See Workshops below)

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