The Summer Yoga Challenge Continues

July schedule changes / additions:

Our July Schedule is available here. 

Man Mondays!  

For the summer months, all classes on Monday are only $10 drop-in for men. If you have a current class pass, you can still pay the $10 and save the class on your package for later. Inspired by an article entitled Yoga for Stiff Guys with the desire to make yoga more accessible and comfortable for all our men!   

Personal Coaching  

Have lots of questions? Need extra modifications? Working on something specific? Schedule a private yoga session with one of our

Senior Instructors to help expand or fine tune your practice! Have the ability to confidently attend any class and know how to modify your practice. One-on-One personal coaching is not only for beginners!

Joyful Satsang With Marti

Offered on First Saturday each Month from 12-1PM  – Starts July 6!

Embrace the spirit of community with Joyful Satsang. This Sanskrit term means to sit together in truth. All are invited to come, sit, share and experience as we explore our practice through a variety of means. We may utilize writings, readings, meditations, chanting and discussion as we ground our personal practice while making new friends and strengthening our Joyful Community.

Please share your energy and practice as you join us for the first session on July 6. Meetings will not include asana and are donation based.


Summer Yoga Challenge continues!

As the temperatures get warmer, dreams of vacations and summer

planning are starting to come to the forefront. What better way to start off your summer routine than by expanding your yoga practice.

Consistent practice, or sadhana, has been a part of yoga tradition for thousands of years. It’s a commitment you make to yourself to practice something over a period of time.

Take our 7-day Yoga Challenge during the months of July and August. You pick the day you want to start and when the seven consecutive days of practice days are completed, your name will be entered into a drawing for a free 6 months unlimited yoga class pass! The drawing will be held on September 1st.

Your asana practice is the gateway to the yoga lifestyle. In addition to practicing the yoga postures during the entire month:

  • Take 10 minutes to write a journal entry. This is called svadhyaya or self-study. 
  • Take 10 minutes of silent meditation or centering prayer, called dhyana.  
  • You could stop complaining. One of the niyamas is contentment or santosa
  • Instead of eating candy, you could eat fruit. This relates to the niyama of cleanliness or sauca
  • You could give something to Goodwill or a thrift store. One of the yamas is non-hoarding or aparigraha.

Take your yoga off the mat!

Save the Trees! 

Paper schedules are available at the studio. When possible please check the website as we are trying to cut down on paper use to save a few trees. In gratitude.

Don’t Forget Yoga Etiquette:  

Please come 5 minutes early, fragrance free!


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