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Have you experienced Eminence yet?

Our big news last month was that Eminence Organic Skincare is now the preferred line in our skin care department.  One of the principles of Ayurveda is that we use the freshest and most pure plant based ingredients to affect changes in our health. So working with a line that is made with 95% organic plant based products is the natural choice.  It seems as though our students and staff think so too: within a week of setting up the display we were sold out of 6 items!  We will be restocking our shelves this week, and we will have a make-up and travel offerings too!  Make sure to stop by the studio and check out the new products before they’re all gone!  


 How is Massage a Part of Your Yoga Practice?

We all have that moment when we first touch the mat, that moment of knowing that what is coming is a gift to your mind and your body, of knowing that relief and release are mere moments away.  We store up our bothers and concerns, and we hold them in our bodies.  Every time we set foot on our mats, we make the choice to give a gift of healing to our bodies.  Have that same moment every time you get on the massage table.

We all know the benefits of having a yoga practice: improved flexibility, stress reduction, increased circulation and so much more.  Making a massage a regular part of your yoga practice will deepen not only the physical, but emotional benefits you create.

Massage is not only deeply therapeutic physically, but mentally as well.  By releasing stress held in the body, massage creates feelings of peace and relaxation.  It restores our natural sense of well-being and releases endorphins into our bodies.  By calming our nervous systems, it helps to decrease anxiety & depression and increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to our cells.

Get the most out of your massage by following a few simple guidelines.

Disconnect from the outside world.

As you would in your yoga practice, commit to giving yourself this time as a gift of healing to your body and your spirit.  Turn off any technology to which you may be attached.  

Be fully present in your body.

It is so easy to fall asleep while in savasana, but when you stay fully present the benefits of the meditation are so much greater.  So it is in massage.  By being aware of every stroke of the therapist’s hands, you are focusing your intent of healing and love for that part of your body.  Take that moment to thank your body for its hard work.

Know your body.

You may be an expert at King Pigeon, or you may be struggling to get your branches in the sky in Tree pose.  Either way, you are listening to your body to find out how far you can go.  When you find those limitations, communicate them to your massage therapist.  Your therapist will know techniques to help increase your range of motion and mobility.  She will know how to help bring both strength and pain release in those areas. 

Massage is a natural part of any yoga practice as it enhances the commitment we have to our bodies.  It is a gift of detoxification, and better sleep; improved concentration and better energy; perspective and clarity. 

Visit The Spa at Joyful Yoga today and meet one of our experienced and compassionate massage therapists.  Find out the difference we can make in your yoga practice.

More on Massage 

Studies have shown that massages are more than just a “small indulgence” that feels really good. In addition to increasing V.I.P. (vasoactive intestinal polypeptide) throughout the body — the most  effective protection from cancer — a recent study of 605 people who received a daily 20-minute massage after surgery reported overall less pain one day earlier than those who just got drugs or who got drugs plus 20 minutes of one-on-one conversation.   

Other benefits:

  • It fights the blues. A massage cut depression, pain, anxiety, nausea, fatigue and other symptoms in half for cancer patients, according to one study.
  • It calms kids. In a study of children with ADHD, those who got a 20-minute massage twice a week for 1 month behaved better in school.
  • It soothes an aching head. Chronic tension headaches sufferers had fewer episodes after neck and shoulder massages.
  • The most definitive study done in the early 90’s showed that a one hour massage improved the immune system 30-40% lasting up to 5 days. Essentially the same benefit as one hour of Yoga provides!

Want to learn more about VIP, read books by Dr. Candice Pert.

So….schedule that massage for yourself or someone you love. If you have not experienced the healing hands of Linda, Nancy, Dawn, Amy, Mary, Jaimie, Jennifer or Stacey, you are in for a wonderful surprise!

Treat yourself with loving kindness!


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