Ayurvedic Techniques to Cool the Summer Heat

SITALI PRANAYAMA, Cooling Breath for Pitta Season

This cooling breath is used to release heat and cool the entire body. Roll the tongue into a tube (as best as you can) and stick the tip of the tongue out of the mouth. Inhale through the tongue and hold the breath in for 4-5 seconds with the chin pressed against the chest. Exhale using Ujjayi Pranayama through the nose (constricting the epiglottis as you do when you are trying to fog a surface to clean it), or to really release some heat exhale a Lion Breath with mouth open wide and tongue out creating a “HHHAAAA” sound.

If you are not able to roll the tongue simply bring teeth lightly together, roll back the lips and inhale drawing the breath through your moist teeth. This creates an instant evaporative cooling effect, straight into the skull and head. Repeat 5-10 times.

Abhyanga Massage for Pitta Season

Abhyanga is the Sanskrit term for self-massage. Rub 5-6 ounces of coconut oil on your body in the morning as part of your daily routine before and/or after bathing. Coconut oil is especially calming and cooling to the pitta skin. Coconut oil rubbed into your scalp and soles of the feet before bedtime also has a dramatic cooling effect on the body.

Also check out the video about coconut oil and its effects on Alzheimer’s Disease here (https://joyfulyogablog.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/coconut-oil-as-a-remedy-for-alzheimers/). It’s incredible! Our Organic Fiji Oil is the most amazing oil I have tried. Available in the Joyful Boutique in two sizes.

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