Your Sacred Space

I’ve been talking a lot about expanding one’s Yoga practice beyond movement (which is our new catch phrase) by practicing seated silent meditation, Primordial Sound Meditation to be specific. That comes as no surprise to anyone that knows me, as I have just spent the last 18 months or so totally absorbed in the science of meditation, getting certified and all.

You don’t need formal meditation instruction to meditate, but it helps one make it stick so that the rewards become evident.

You don’t need a “sacred space” in which to practice, but it helps, as it creates a comforting spot to pause and recharge.

If you create a specific area with a few special things that have meaning and that you love, and go there to hear the sound of your mantra from the soothing voice inside, you will be much more inclined to actually meditate!

Think back to when you were 4 or 5 years old. Remember the first time you put a blanket over a table or chair and made a “fort”. (I have brothers, obviously.) That is the feeling you get when you create your space.

When you sit in stillness and silence you will begin to “clear all the running programs you have open.” I think this is a great analogy. I just learned to do this on my smartphone and I had over 20 little windows open. So satisfying to close them all!

To paraphrase my student and friend Kathy from our final meditation instruction session last month after she had received her mantra (she had been meditating every day for one week), “It’s like my delightful, delicious little secret that I indulge in twice daily, just for me.” I love that and it is so true.


Anyway, here are photos of one of my Sacred spaces to inspire you. (I have 3: this one in my bedroom, one outside and one in my bathroom…more on this later.) My plan was to do this on Pinterest, but it is taking me entirely too long to figure the thing out. I have enough trouble with Facebook!

I speak of this Space frequently in class to drive home the point that comfort is key in your meditation practice. You don’t have to sit a certain way, just be comfortable. If you are torturing yourself in meditation, you probably will drop it like a hot rock.

It is eclectic and comfortable. Very Shabby Chic, which I guess is kinda passé…


I sit in an antique sewing chair given to me by my good girlfriend Cathye for taking photos of her home birth in 1978, at an old glass-and-brass table from a thrift store in New Jersey. On top is my glow-in-the-dark rosary beads given to me by my Grandmother Taylor (we were so formal with our grandparents in the 50’s), a plastic BVM picture (Blessed Virgin Mary) that was my mothers when she lived in an orphanage as a child and a small picture of mother and child, a Himalayan salt lamp that purifies the air, a shell and coral from my childhood spent near the Pacific Ocean, old birthday cards, my mother’s poetry books, a glass heart from my hubby, a blown art glass vase filled with potpourri, a little brass Buddha from the Chopra center and a huge beautiful bromeliad with those giant pink blooms in the middle. Also an occasional cat or two… usually with a white German shepherd nearby.

Just make it a place where happy loving memories come flooding in.

People always tell me they meditate in the bathroom. I think it is brilliant! Most people’s bathrooms are pretty nice these days, even in small places. If you like your bathroom, find a little spot to meditate. I have a little collection of Ganeshas and pictures of my babies in mine for meditation. And I admit, I also meditate in the bathtub on occasion.

The bathroom has added advantages of fountain sounds (run a little trickle of water) AND a lock on the door. People don’t usually bother others in a locked bathroom!

Happy Meditating.




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One Response to Your Sacred Space

  1. Anne Halpern says:

    My dearest Tess, You, Emily, and Jaqueline are my inspiration and I always smile when I look at my Chakra wall in our little place in the Bahamas. What a great place to meditate. I also have all of my chakra candles, the tea light ones and my tall ones with a small bamboo plant on my windowsill in my small kitchen. Although I don’t meditate there, I do stand in silence, do a yoga pose or two standing, and say a prayer. My food is always prepared with love in my heart. On my bedside table in our bedroom, I have my eye pillow, angel cards, yoga books,my beautiful “Goddess and Unwind” scented candles, and beautiful music flowing in the room. Every room in ourncondo is painted a different carribean color, and my herb garden, full of fragrances outside my front entry door. Everything yoga has come from your beautiful Joyful Yoga Studio. When we leave our peaceful setting to travel on our boat through the Islands, I pack a few of my “treasures” to take along with us. My yoga mat is always with me. Thank you my dear friend for your beautiful blogs that makes me feel so close to home. Namaste…
    Sent with love
    Anne Halpern

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