Coconut Oil as a Remedy for Alzheimer’s

Dear fellow travelers,

My thanks to fellow yogini Elizabeth Taylor for forwarding the following information on treating Alzheimers Disease with pure cold pressed organic coconut oil. Great Information! In addition to ingesting, we also use it at the spa as massage oil. It is highly recommended for Pitta dosha to balance and cool the physiology. (BTW, we sell Dr Bronner’s pure coconut oil in the Boutique and I use in many of our own signature oils and lotions that I concoct in my own kitchen also adding love!)

Interesting how the pharmaceutical companies are trying to isolate and extract the powerful active ingredient keytones, and refine them into white powder because they then are “10 times more powerful”. (‘scuse my soapbox) Are they kidding!! We don’t know how all the compounds work together. When will we begin to understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Ayurveda says that the body recognizes the energy and information through taste, smell, texture, mass and the combination of our senses. (We can’t measure the energy, yet, only the matter).

We do know one thing…and that is; one can’t patent a medicinal botanical so there is no big money to be made eating/taking nutrients the way they grew out of the ground!

My personal belief is instead of looking for cures we need to look for causes and change our behavior. Stop warring and battling your own body and begin to allow healing.



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