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February 13th

February 13th. Galentines Day. What a perfect day to celebrate the Divine Feminine!

Thank you Amy Poehler! (See the clip!) She, I believe, coined the term and I LOVE IT! The clip hearkened me back to gatherings with my Ecologist, Home Birthing, lactavist, goddess circle of girlfriends in the 70’s, most of us questioning the Dogma of our Catholic upbringing and yet still needing to create some ritual in our lives. The glory years for our brand of “feminism”. We appreciated the ones that went before us that opened doors but we came to realize we didn’t need to be men, or for that matter even act like them to find our power and voice.

I love that it is the 13th! The most sacred of feminine numbers. It was back then that I decided it was a lucky and auspicious number.

I started to write this on the last “Friday the 13th” as I was helping daughter Emily soothe her 8 year old who was in a state of despair and fear over the impending visit from all horror that befalls people on this most dreaded of days! The kids at school told her all about it! So, I told her what most science believes now; that the bad rep and irrational fear of the number 13 has more to do with men’s fear of women’s power than with movies, evil or even The Last Supper. The following is from Sia of The Full Circle website, which I Love!!

The 13 Moon Calendar – AKA the Lunar Calendar – is a 28 day calendar that dates from prehistoric times. It dovetails with a woman’s menstrual cycle. The link between women’s blood mysteries, and the moon is held in high esteem among manyNeopagans. This calendar was used all over the world for many thousands of years, and is still used in some cultures today. For example, the ancient major holidays celebrated by Muslims, Jews, and many people in Asian and India are all based on a lunar calendar. Native Americans also used a lunar calendar, and some still use it.

The so called “Venus Laussel” image (2) dates back 25,000 years. It is one of the earliest known calendars. The Woman/Goddess figure portrayed in this neolithic carving holds a lunar crescent in her right hand. (1) It has 13 notches, one for each of the 13 moons in the lunar calendar. (Here is a note on her position in the cave and how that relates to God/ess worship of that period.)

The number 13 has long been associated with the moon, women’s mysteries and the Goddess. When patriarchy (usually run by those warrior guys with the pointy spears and the horses) took hold, women were subjugated, enslaved, dehumanized and turned into chattel. Queens, priestesses, artists, healers and leaders became mere breeders who would produce soldiers for the endless wars required by the God/King of that region. Worship of the Goddess in this period was destroyed as far as was possible. Conquerors would then change the rituals, stories and myths to make Her less powerful and subject to their male, solar God. (There are many books that write about this transition, but you can start with The Chalice and the Blade by RianeEisler – see book notes at the bottom of this post). Anything that belonged to Woman and the Goddess (including snakes, cats, the moon and the number 13) was held to be suspect and demonized. Stories were later made up to hide the real reasons why these things were so feared.

(View on the Full Circle website to see all the highlighted links)
Oh, there is tons more. I find it fascinating. So get together with your girlfriends on Galentines Day, February 13 and lets create new fun, funny, joy rising rituals to tap into our divine feminine and share with our daughters and their daughters.



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Coconut Oil as a Remedy for Alzheimer’s

Dear fellow travelers,

My thanks to fellow yogini Elizabeth Taylor for forwarding the following information on treating Alzheimers Disease with pure cold pressed organic coconut oil. Great Information! In addition to ingesting, we also use it at the spa as massage oil. It is highly recommended for Pitta dosha to balance and cool the physiology. (BTW, we sell Dr Bronner’s pure coconut oil in the Boutique and I use in many of our own signature oils and lotions that I concoct in my own kitchen also adding love!)

Interesting how the pharmaceutical companies are trying to isolate and extract the powerful active ingredient keytones, and refine them into white powder because they then are “10 times more powerful”. (‘scuse my soapbox) Are they kidding!! We don’t know how all the compounds work together. When will we begin to understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! Ayurveda says that the body recognizes the energy and information through taste, smell, texture, mass and the combination of our senses. (We can’t measure the energy, yet, only the matter).

We do know one thing…and that is; one can’t patent a medicinal botanical so there is no big money to be made eating/taking nutrients the way they grew out of the ground!

My personal belief is instead of looking for cures we need to look for causes and change our behavior. Stop warring and battling your own body and begin to allow healing.


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