Re: Yoga Can Wreck Your Body Article by Wm Broad

Hello fellow travelers,
Thank you to all who have forwarded this NY Times article to me. So many of you sweet students know that I do not read the newspaper.
All I really have to say is this… I get it that when one takes their western mind of “no pain, no gain” to a yoga practice it can result in injury. You could also replace the word “yoga” in the article with dancing, tennis, golf, weight training, football, basketball, running, skating, gardening, or walking up the stairs. Or what about prescription drugs, immunizations, chemotherapy, radiation, over the counter pills, surgery, etc, etc, etc. I say we see the numbers for injuries (and deaths) related to these activities and therapies as compared to yoga asana injuries!
I agree with the main point of the article which seems to be that there are some bad yoga classes and bad yoga teachers and that yoga is not a competitive sport (one can find “bad” anything…welcome to the human race) but I also think that for the most part it may keep people who may be considering Yoga from discovering the amazing power to heal themselves physically, psychologically and emotionally (and dare I say spiritually?) with this amazing science and art called Yoga, in which the asana (poses) is only a small part.
I am so entertained by reading the comments. Some of them made me laugh out loud!
To sum up, (like it matters what I think!) I feel Mr. Broad is short sighted, highly misinformed and is basically promoting his book to be published next month. I also understand that my opinion is none of his business.
Is yoga for everyone? Whatever you think, you’re right. To quote one of the commentators, “I will give up my Yoga practice when they peel my yoga mat from my cold dead fingers!”

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