Happy Autumn

Happy Autumn Fellow Travelers,

I just returned from Chopra Center’s Seduction of Silence in California. This is mind-blowing eight day journey onto the Final Frontier. The inner me. Yes, 8 fun-filled days of 6 hours of meditation and two yoga classes, sprinkled generously with Deepak Chopra! (I love mixing metaphors )

San Diego, actually La Jolla, was a little chilly and I missed all of you but other than that it was bliss!! I highly recommend it if you want to immerse yourself in the science and art of meditation.(Please mention Joyful Yoga if you do!)

The Chopra Center bought out the whole resort so everyone there was of like-mind. Many had never even meditated before and for them I am sure it was a little like drinking out of Niagara Falls! One sweet man, who so loves the course and now volunteers,is a judge (oh the irony….we practiced non-judgement for a week!)

In addition to all the quantum physics, experiential mind blowing exercises, Marianne Williamson talking A Course in Miracles AND having three fabulously delicious Ayurvedic meals expertly prepared each day was beyond amazing!
As many of you know this was the second leg of my Primordial Sound Teacher Training. As an off again/on again, crisis/resort meditator for 35 years, I decided I wanted a practice that I could really make a permanent part of my life and really practice what I believe and preach. I will complete the training in mid May. I am slowly digesting and assimilating all I experienced and I will continue to share the information as it bubbles out of me.

I will leave you with this little gem from Deepak. It is an acronym…he made it up (his words )…..

When you become aware that your physiology is approaching the fight-or-flight response, do the following: S.O.D.A.
S. – Stop (long enough to take a breath)
O. – Observe the body. What do you feel and where do you feel it?
D. – Detach from….
A. – Automatic behavior or response

Reverses the F.O.F. response in seconds.

A warm Namaste,

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