21 Day Challenge!

Dear fellow travelers,

I am happy to report that I am now on day 73 of consistent meditation. I am going to do the Chopra center 21 day challenge which begins on the 15th. If you would like to join me and create this new “habit” please check out below.

A warm Namaste,


Dear Tess,
The start of the summer Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ is just a few days away, and I want to take a moment together to reflect on our intentions for this incredible experience we are about to share.

What do you wish to manifest in your life? What would make your heart sing? How will it feel to have harnessed the power of coincidence and achieve what Deepak calls, SynchroDestiny (https://chopra.infusionsoft.com/link/5423592e60/1dd99a0)?

I encourage you to ask yourself these questions in the coming days as we approach the beginning of the summer meditation challenge. To help you connect to the co-creative energy that powers the manifestation of your deepest desires, I have included a link to a visual meditation that is very close to my heart. This meditation was created during our SynchroDestiny workshop (https://chopra.infusionsoft.com/link/5423592e60/1e0a6e0) in Sedona, Arizona with the intention of assisting you in tapping into the calmness and stillness that is all around us. In this place of calmness and stillness, dreams are made manifest.

I hope you enjoy the meditation. And– I encourage you to share this experience with your friends and invite them to join in the summer challenge collective before it begins on August 15 (https://chopra.infusionsoft.com/link/5423592e60/1e3b420). We are going to rock this world!

Don’t hold back. Reach for the stars. We’re in this together.

I’ll see you in the gap . . .


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