Fellow travelers,

I just returned from beautiful Commerce Township, Michigan. The weather was delightful, as were my adorable grandkids! My daughter and son-in-law (love) surprised me with Paul McCartney in concert @ Tigers Stadium. In Row 17. It was beyond…..!!!!! Three hours of traveling through the soundtrack of my youth. I was amazed at his boyish appearance (still @ 69) and tremendous energy. I was tired just standing for 3 hours!

I must attribute at least some of it to meditation. I know he spent a month with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India in 1968, immersing himself into Transcendental meditation and yoga.

As a huge Beatles fan, this truly was the impetus to my journey which has brought me here. Paul made the statement then that what he learned from the Maharishi he could do anywhere. They wrote lots of songs while there. One of my faves…”Come on is such a joy, come on is such a joy. Come on and take it easy, come on and take it easy….everybody’s got something to hide ‘xept for me and my monkey”. Rock n Roll for sure. White album. Remember?

To the point….Here we are now with over 1500 impeccable studies from the most brilliant minds, reputable universities and medical institutions on the benefits of meditation and yoga, it truly is time to begin a practice that can change your life. You are only one meditation away from this practice.

Need more evidence? Nobel prize winner, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn recently published a study on new meditators who practiced 30 minutes, once daily. She concluded that after only 4 weeks there was a 30% increase in the production of telomerase, the enzyme responsible for keeping the DNA strands from breaking down, increasing teleomere length, immune response, slowing aging and improving homeostasis (self healing).

A warm namaste,



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