This is a great one to ponder from the amazing Carolyn Myss. (Forwarded to me from my friend Joni in NJ.)

Love love love.

Re/ Woundology

Your biography becomes our biology… Our biological selves don’t just form from nutrients and food…. It forms from our life experiences, from our emotions, from everything about our lives, and how we invest our energy into our past and what we do with the investments effect our body.

If we invest our energy into our negative past, first of all, it’s like trying to keep a corpse alive because your past is over with. It’s trying to keep the dead alive… What you are really trying to have happen is that this dead past is going to provide your body with life force!!! It’s just not gonna happen… And at some point you literally are going to drain yourself of the life force by keeping the dead past alive…

In essence, you can understand the incredible power that wounds have over us, and the incredible price it costs us to keep wounds alive. How painful it is to our systems, even though socially feels good.

We like to communicate with our wounds… it’s intimate… In a nutshel,l we like speaking wounds…

In getting to know someone and talking to them, we should really try to NOT lead with our wounded history; and we DO lead with our wounded history because we feel so safe doing it. But it’s costing us a great deal… And we start the pattern of “using our wounds as a way to control a situation.”

To consider: the shadow side of healing is that we produce a language that is also what it means to use wounds in a way NOT to heal. Are you involving yourself in any way that you are clinging to your wounds? Ask yourself that question…

Think about it…

Carolyn Myss

Namaste’, Tess


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