Bragging Rights/Beautiful Bonita Springs

Thanks to “Dr Beach” for selecting Sarasota as THE BEST beach in these United States! We are only 1 hour south and enjoy even better more consistent, predictable weather. Come visit. Summer here is amazing. No crowds, traffic, lines and honestly….it is just as hot and hotter everywhere else in summer as we typically get those wonderful brief evening thunder showers to cool us down and create the most awesome sunsets! In summer we offer some great discounts including the Sunbird Special for current students AND 2 weeks unlimited yoga classes for only $49 to new students! Spread the word.
In gratitude.



About Joyful Yoga and Ayurvedic Spa
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3 Responses to Bragging Rights/Beautiful Bonita Springs

  1. energypoint says:

    Hi, I will be on vacation in Naples in August for 2 weeks this year (live in Austria) – is your offer also for visitors? Would love to visit your yoga-classes. Warm regards from Tyrol in Austria – NAMASTÉ.

  2. We would be delighted to have you visit us and the offer will be valid for you! Have a safe trip and we’ll see you in August.

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