Pathways to Enlightenment

Greetings, Fellow Travelers,

I am currently listening to a CD of Deepak Chopra reading the translation of the Yoga Sutras (thanks Mary!!) and am loving it!

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the oldest written codification of yoga’s principles (“sutra” means thread…think suture or stitch, threading together the principles into a written system) we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the opposite. Patanjali was a physician and sage and he systematized the science into eight limbs which serve as a map to “enlightenment.”

There is a statement that caught my attention that I will share with you now that I find particularly fascinating ( I paraphrase)….”Like a silkworm weaves it’s cocoon, we weave a web of our concepts and are caught in them.” Ponder that when you are in the throes of your next personal drama!

My favorite scientist at the moment is Dr. Candace Pert who says who states in her book How to Feel Good, “when we feel, we heal”. That the mind-body, body-mind are one, “connected and coordinated by emotion-laden, information carrying molecules engaged in constant cross-talk, especially the nervous and immune systems”. That this new (ancient) paradigm in healing, sweeps away everything that has come before it….that energy heals, mind becomes matter and we do our most powerful creating through emotion! Asana, or the physical poses are the way most of us begin our Yoga practice, starting with the most obvious part of our existence, our physical body.

Yoga, the union of the body and mind is the simplest way to create healing in all forms. And according to the Sutras, Yoga in all its forms IS the path to enlightenment.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher certification program begins in August and goes through December one or two weekends per month. It is accessible and affordable and I strongly encourage anyone who has been practicing for a year to consider it, even if only to deepen and solidify your practice. To quote Maya Angelou….. “When you learn, teach” (BTW, we also have The CD Journey to Healing, D. Chopra, the book How to Feel Good, C. Pert and the book Yoga Sutras of Patanjali available @ the studio and online @ the Joyful Amazon Store link on our website.)

A warm Namaste,


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