BVM or Billie?

Greetings fellow Travelers,

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Tucson, AZ, to the International Gem Show with my friend Paula. We had the pleasant task of seeking out diamonds and other gems for, among other reasons, her line of Yoga jewelry that will become available sometime next year. (The pieces are AWESOME as she is an award winning designer…..more on this exciting news later as that is not the point of this edition of my blog).

After the 3 day show, we traveled from Tucson to Tubac to visit family and friends and it was suggested that we stop along the way at the Mission San Xavier to have the experience, and especially because we could get a killer Indian Taco in the parking lot! (My soul food!)

I was anticipating some sweet memories of my mother who was the seeker of all things miraculous. As a child, she would read to me from Fate Magazine(?) and other assorted magazines of the stories of the apparitions of the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary), and occasionally St Theresa (my patron saint).  She dreamed of going to Fatima and other sacred spots where the BVM had appeared. With this intention, we traveled to every mission within driving distance of our S. California home, and every year in spring she would drag us all out of bed at 3AM to make the 2 hour drive to San Juan Capistrano, arriving before dawn to see the swallows return. Even with only an 8th grade education, she knew the power of a morpho-genetic field even then, only called it “the holy spirit moving’. Needless to say,  it warmed my heart to think that she would LOVE that we stopped.

I recreated all her rituals, sans the full Rosary that she no doubt would have wanted to recite. But we lighted candles, I even genuflected as I passed in front of the altar from the glass casket w/a Madame Trousseau style St. Xavier to the giant, way-too-Disney-for-my-taste statue of the BVM (and I must say that I am an afficianado of these statues having lived with 3 or 4 shrines around my parents’ home growing up!). I decided to take a photo to send to my friend Maureen who is also a fan (a BVM “person”). Below is the first photo I took, and then 5 minutes later I took the second.

Keep in mind that this Mission was constructed in 1760ish. Made of adobe, which is non-reflective.

What is that brilliant object that seems to be ascending?

Anybody? Anybody?

Love it!

A warm Namaste,


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